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Expand your horizons at Akasha.


Akasha is a community education centre on our premises that provides free training and education for our local community. An empowered and cohesive community is what we are working towards.


We have previously held sessions about online security awareness or use of iPhone/iPad and Social Media aimed at seniors and CALD citizens who otherwise lack these vital ways to participate in modern society. We have skilled and experienced trainers on our board who are willing to donate their time and expertise to community education, as well as the many experts across virtually every field within our community. However, in 2016 we have completely revamped our facilities and can now offer more than ever!





















An example is through providing health information sessions we are empowering our community – particularly marginalised citizens, such as senior women - to be responsible for their own medical futures and providing them with information about resources available to them. Ongoing community training initiatives will ensure that local community members are better integrated with the overall Australian community, thus fostering greater social inclusion. In partnership with our local community, we will extend training opportunities to the greater Old Toongabbie/Parramatta and local area ensuring ongoing participation from and inclusion of our neighbours. Other topics of interest for us are centred around domestic and family violence awareness and protection, diabetes awareness and ATSI cultural awareness sessions. We will also seek to work with experts in these fields to ensure the quality of our sessions and workshops are built with integrity, collaboration and respect.


We wholeheartedly embrace the belief that all citizens, regardless of class, social status, LBGT identification, cultural background, age and location should have access to participate in lifelong learning programs. Even though formal education ends, learning does not. As the world grows and changes with emerging technologies and cultural change, we feel it is our responsibility as a Cultural and Education Centre to arm our community with objective and unbiased information to help them navigate the modern world.


There are many members of the community who currently lack access to information and coaching around these rapidly moving trends, and can get left behind.


Our community education programs aim to be truly inclusive, will be free of charge, and are not limited to anyone based on their race, religion, circumstances or background.


As we truly believe in a future where marginalized people also have a voice, and the opportunity to contribute to society, providing training and education is our way to seeing that to fruition. Additionally, through attending courses and workshops together, we aim to foster cohesion between social groups who may not organically meet in the day the day going ons of their lives, and through this hope to build greater understanding between citizens of different cultures and backgrounds, leading to a more harmonious greater community steeped in tolerance and respect.


Please contact us for more information regarding the centre, to volunteer to help host training sessions or if you're interested in hiring the facility for your own use.

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