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"Should even one's enemy arrive at the doorstep, he should be attended upon with respect. A tree does not withdraw its cooling shade even from the one who has come to cut it"
- Mahabharata




The core values of Sydney Shakti Temple are in line with the teachings of the Hindu tradition. Built around the concepts of Dharma and Karma, the Temple runs on the basic principles of respecting others and the world around them, whilst simultaneously expressing gratitude through prayer services to the holy deities who, through their own experiences, have set an example for us all. 



At Sydney Shakti Temple, we feel as though it is our duty to give back to the community. The full name of our establishment is Sydney Shakti, Cultural and Educational Centre. We felt that it was important to officialise our position as not only a religious organisation, but also as a community service organisation. Through our various initiatives, we aim to raise awareness about a number of issues impacting our society, and will work together with the local community to overcome them. To learn more about our philanthropic work, please see our Services page



Sydney Shakti Temple, Cultural and Educational Centre has been built as the result of decades of hard work by its founding members. One of the main objectives of the Centre is to provide a safe, supportive space for future generations to coexist, worship and contribute to community initiatives. The SST team is always keen to meet people who would like to get involved in our organisation. 




The founders of Sydney Shakti Temple, Cultural and Educational Centre are originally from the island nation of Fiji. In the late 1800s, early 1900s Fiji was inhabited by an influx of Indian immigrants, who migrated to Fiji as part of an indentured labour programme. Hailing from different areas of India, the different cultures of the immigrants melded to form a Fijian Indian culture, with influences from both North and South India, as well a number of different religious traditions. Hinduism was always present in the Fijian Indian society, and was transformed by visiting Gurukkul in the 1980s, who introduced new practices of worship to the community.  Sydney Shakti Temple was established to ensure the longevity of these unique sacred practises. 



The Hindu Society of NSW was formed in the early 90s by a group of devoted Hindus who were keen to keep their traditions alive. After the services drew too many people to host at an individual residence.


For many years, we held monthly prayer services in Crestwood Community Centre and hosted up to 500 people during festivals.



Sydney Shakti Temple, Cultural and Educational Centre was established in Old Toongabbie in 2010, and we have been working to develop the premises and now have a permanent temple area with hawan facilities and Shiva temple area. 


We are continually improving our facilities and grounds as we grow.


Please, feel free to visit us.

We are a registered charity in Australia.

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