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“O Vyasa, listen to the merit of the person who builds a temple to the goddess either of stone or mud. One who builds a temple to the goddess attains the benefit which a person who worships every day through Yoga attains in plenty.


That virtuous soul who builds the temple for the glorious mother enables a thousand future members of their family to attain



The sins committed by a person …whether they be small or big, are quelled at the very moment when the foundation for the glorious mother is laid.”  


-Shiva Purana, 13-14


We are inviting you for a once in a lifetime chance to be a temple builder!



Building a temple is a divine act. Occasionally, in our lifetimes, temples are built but rarely, if ever, are we invited to contribute. A secret long-known by the holy community is that those who contribute to building a temple are blessed in a way that is unparalleled to any other act of worship (other than being a priest, but most of us will never have that opportunity either!).


As we set out to build our new Sydney Shakti Temple, we were approached by a few large donors, who were well aware of how rare this sacred opportunity is. However, instead of building a temple based on the donations of a few, we decided to allow everyone the opportunity to share in this special ritual. 



How it works

1. You purchase a brick for $100. You can do this online, via bank transfer or in person. 


2. Tell us whose name you would like on the brick. This can be your name, your family's name, or bricks can be purchased as gifts or in memoriam of loved ones.


3. We inscribe your name on the brick, and it will be used to build the walls of our new Sydney Shakti Temple.


Terms and conditions: As the Temple will be rendered, shown in the artist impression below, names will not be visible to the public upon completion of the Temple.


A processing fee of $5 applies to online credit card transactions. 


In order to ensure everyone has the opportunity to contribute, we limit bricks to 20 per family. If you would like to make a larger donation, please contact us to discuss how.


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